The survey finds international students prefer Canada.

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international students prefer Canada

Intelligent Overseas Education Canada Update: Does it really hold true that the universities in Canada are among the world’s best? The number of international students preferring Canada as a study abroad location has not decreased over time. New research from IDP Connect shows that 39% of students say that Canada is their first choice, followed by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, each at 17%. (16 percent ).

Nearly half of students (46 percent) are still contemplating studying in Australia, but the United Kingdom (48 percent) and Canada (48 percent) are becoming more popular choices (69 percent). According to a previous IDP Connect survey, impressions of Australia among international students have deteriorated as the country’s borders stay closed. IDP Connect’s New Horizons study builds on the Crossroads project’s findings. Prospective international students were approached by the organization. There were 3,650 replies from 55 countries to the survey, performed in August and September of this year. While preparing for a comeback, Australia must establish a strategy to quickly reintroduce overseas students for on-campus learning, said IDP Connect CEO, Simon Emmett. 

Do Canadian universities have an X-factor?

Only 18% of students will consider starting their program online before moving on to on-campus teaching before they go abroad to study. One in ten respondents claimed they would be open to participating in an entirely online experiment. Many students chose their majors and study locations based on whether nations enable them to work and become citizens when they graduate.”

Researchers found that future career opportunities serve as the primary motivator for students, while financial considerations drive their choices of where and what to study. According to the findings, students took into account the option to work part-time while still in school and the cost of tuition and living expenses. The study included questions on students’ plans to pursue an international credential in their native country. Studying at a highly ranked university raised the likelihood that 66% of students who had previously only considered studying abroad would select home-country studies, illustrating the ongoing consequences of border closures and lockdowns.

After-study work rights in their institution’s country and migration incentives were also found to be strong drivers, with 65 percent of students saying that they would be more likely to consider studying in their home country if they had them. And 63 percent said the ability to use their qualification for migration made it more appealing for them to do so. Emmett believes that countries that can provide students with a clear return on their education investment, as well as a path to on-campus study, will benefit the most from the growing demand for international education. He went on to say that students want to know precisely what they would get in return for their time and effort. He predicted that countries and organizations that can provide and explain clear pathways to employment or migration will be in high demand as the world recovers from the pandemic.

Suppose Australia can prioritize career paths that address skills and industry shortages. Australia will benefit from these career paths since they can assist overcome the country’s essential skills gap, notably in technical and technical professions. According to prior reports, international students are reportedly flocking to Canadian universities in response to Australia’s harsh border restrictions, or they are relocating their study abroad plans to the United Kingdom. In that case, the overseas education sector may provide a win-win situation for students, institutions, and the country as a whole.”

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