New international education strategy from Saskatchewan.

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World-leading technical research and commercialization in Saskatoon will become increasingly “globally connected” as more overseas students enroll. The province’s advanced education minister says colleges and universities need a plan. It is part of the Growth Plan for Saskatchewan. In the province’s global education plan. By 2020, a three-tiered Post-Secondary International Education Strategy aims to double outbound student numbers.

Saskatchewan’s International Strategy

World-leading technical research and commercialization in Saskatoon will become increasingly “globally connected” as more overseas students enroll. “Collaborative approach to global involvement” is Saskatchewan’s International Strategy, according to a spokeswoman.

It also assists Saskatchewan students and postsecondary institutions in establishing and sustaining worldwide research linkages and promoting international student, faculty, and researcher mobility. They can focus on their programs rather than the provinces.

post-secondary education institutions

As of November 2021, our province had over 1,900 international students and many more from outside the country.” Our post-secondary education institutions are the most excellent place to set targets for the international students they seek to attract. The global education sector must have a plan in place if they are to succeed.

Saskatchewan’s advanced education minister, Gene Makowsky, said the plan developed with the post-secondary industry would help schools attract international students while meeting Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan targets.

Canada is a popular destination.

Canada is a popular destination for international students, according to Makowsky. “This plan will assist establishing the province as a preferred location for international students.”

Strategy components include participating in worldwide missions to support recruitment and branding efforts and developing international relationships to support education and research opportunities.

The New International Program

New International Education Practitioners in Saskatchewan will be the focus of a new industry-wide program. The Saskatchewan government is also supporting the growth and sustainability of French-language postsecondary institutions. As stated by Minister Jeremy Harrison, “Saskatchewan’s strong international trade and investment offices will be important in supporting this major agenda globally.”

Bringing the world to Saskatchewan is critical to increasing exports, attracting investment, and positioning our province as a global education and research hub. The province’s cities.”

better study abroad experience

The regional government will also launch the Saskatchewan Student Ambassador Program will also be found in early 2022 by the provincial government to help students and their families have a better study abroad experience. In the summer of 2022, international students, their families, and agents can visit Saskatchewan. International students are part of Saskatchewan’s global education plan, which attempts to enhance business links.

“The global ties developed by Saskatchewan’s post-secondary institutions provide a strong platform for strengthening our international economic partnerships,” states the growth strategy.

agreements between Saskatchewan

As of this writing, there are 568 agreements between Saskatchewan’s two universities and Saskatchewan Polytechnic, including international postsecondary schools. The growth plan underlined Saskatchewan’s “strategic edge” as an international student destination for building significant trade ties in vital countries.

The growth plan said that exposing students to international possibilities would improve trade links and train the next generation of Saskatchewan students to innovate and strengthen the economy. Saskatchewan seeks to establish international opportunities for research advancement and commercialization with post-secondary partners.

international education strategy

This discipline covers medicinal isotopes, nuclear medicine, immunizations, carbon capture and storage, and more. In 2015, Saskatchewan released an international education strategy that sought to expand the number of international students in postsecondary education in the province by 75 percent by 2020.

A three-tiered Post-Secondary International Education Strategy is intended to double outbound student numbers. Doherty’s Advanced Education Minister predicted that 60,000 personnel would be needed by 2020 to fill retirements and new employment opportunities.

In Conclusion

Saskatchewan’s provincial government has announced a new effort to boost international student numbers. Saskatchewan’s foreign student recruitment plan includes global involvement, capacity building, and leadership programs.

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