Canada is the most-Googled, popular study abroad destination worldwide.

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Summary: Those from 164* countries are most interested in studying abroad, according to Google search data. People aspire to relocate to Canada more than any other country in the world. Studying abroad in Colombia and Jordan is the most popular option for students. It’s no secret that Canada, the popular study abroad destination for students from throughout the world. One in ten people in the world attends a university ranked in the top 250 in the world. Students from more than thirty-six nations are vying for admission to Canada’s best universities and colleges (Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver).

relaxation of COVID-19 rules

When you’re a student, the possibility of studying abroad for part or all of your course might be an exciting one. Learning a new subject opens your eyes to a whole new world of people, ideas, and customs. Many students have taken advantage of this opportunity to relocate permanently to their educational institutions. With the relaxation of COVID-19 rules globally, students can once again study abroad.

We wanted to determine which countries have the world’s largest student population and why this is comparable to our past research on the most desirable places to live globally.

Canada, the popular study abroad destination

We discovered that people in 164 nations are most interested in studying outside their own countries using global Google search data. We were able to identify the most popular study destination in each country by analyzing the average monthly search volumes for terms usually associated with exploring studying in another country and ranking the most popular study location in each country. What we discovered is detailed in the table below.


What are the most popular study abroad destinations? 

Canada is at the top of the list of countries where people want to relocate, with students and those who wish to find the country attractive permanently. In all, students come from 36 countries, with Colombia and Jordan the most popular destinations.

The Top 10 Countries for Studying Abroad Number of countries searching to study here the most
1. Canada 36
2. Spain 13
3. England 10
4. Japan 9
4. France 9
4. United States of America 9
5. Australia 8
6. Germany 7
7. India 6
7. Kuwait 6
8. Netherlands 4
9. Portugal 3
9. Russia 3
9. Taiwan 3
9. Poland 3
10. Malaysia 2

Why is Canada so famous?

But why is Canada so famous for students looking to study abroad? To begin, the nation itself is such a pull. You’ve got sprawling cities paired with beautiful scenery, alongside notoriously friendly locals, vital healthcare, and a good amount of job opportunities to help you earn while studying, or even after the course is complete.

 Canada’s reputation

Canada’s reputation as a study-abroad destination is well-known. To begin with, the country itself is enticing. Even after you’ve finished your course, you’ll still have plenty of options to work while you’re still in school or even after you’ve completed your degree.

To put it another way, it’s no surprise that Canada ranks highly in the Global Peace Index, but its educational system also outperforms other countries.

Canada’s top student cities

Few countries can lay claim to having ten of the world’s top 250 universities as residents. In addition to the University of Toronto’s outstanding faculty members, students can find outstanding researchers at McGill University and British Columbia University. It’s easy to see why students from 36 different countries want to study in Canada’s top student cities (Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver), regularly ranked as the best in the world.

the top ten nations

Other nations might be excellent for students, of course. Still, the top ten have a lot to offer regarding educational opportunities. 13 countries worldwide chose Spain in second place because of its vibrant culture, friendly atmosphere, and wide range of educational options. Oxford and Cambridge are two of the world’s most renowned institutions, and you’ll find universities in every major city.

In Conclusion

The map below, which is color-coded to show where people worldwide are most interested in studying, gives you an overview of this demand.

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