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Education is the greatest gift we can give our children. They’ll have to save up for the house, farm, car, and jewelry themselves.

While education in India is excellent, education in other countries has distinct advantages. Please send your child abroad for education if that’s what they want. But before that, there are other considerations to bear in mind.

To begin, you should examine your child’s age and maturity level. If your child is studying abroad, they will be living on their own. Occasionally, you can put your faith in me. Doing their laundry can lead to disaster if they don’t have time. In the same way, people are ill-prepared to deal with sudden and utter freedom. Recognize your child’s maturity and responsibility level, and be honest with yourself about it. It’s not always a bad idea to retain the child close to home, let him complete his schooling, and then send him overseas to finish his studies. Make an educated choice.

A college education overseas is expensive, and not every family can afford it. The number of available scholarships is restricted (both in part and in whole), and obtaining one is difficult (not impossible). The only other choices are taking out student loans or borrowing money from family members. What you decide shouldn’t be a hurried decision, in my opinion. Prepare your youngster for it as early as ninth grade. It’s wonderful news if they receive a scholarship. Your preparation has paid off if this is the case.

Look for a qualified therapist who knows the child’s needs and is prepared to work with both parents and children if you can’t find one through the school network, schools-WhatsApp-groups where you can learn anything you want. So it is. Once you’ve met a few people, make up your mind. It has to be a good match for your personality and lifestyle.

It’s equally vital to know what your youngster is interested in studying. A counselor can assist with the ‘Aptitude Test,’ for example. What matters is that you prioritize what the youngster wants to learn. Again, exercise caution while making a decision. It has to be a good balance of reality and passion, in my opinion. My advice to my children is to follow their hearts and their passions but make sure they can afford the life they want.

If your child chooses a particular stream, it will limit the countries to which they can apply. Another factor that will aid in your decision is that not all countries grant work permits to students after graduation and those that do only last a short period. The nations to which the youngster applies must be selected per their wish to work abroad after finishing their studies.

Do not submit an excessive number of university applications. Each one costs $75 and takes a long time to complete. Sit down with the Counselor and make a shortlist of no more than fifteen (15) based on the course, the university’s course rating, the child’s academic potential, and so on.

Instead of focusing on the university’s brand, students should pay attention to the quality of its courses. Take a look at the professors and the employment statistics.

Plan to apply by the beginning of your 11th-grade year. Each country administers its own set of tests. Furthermore, the application procedure is lengthy, so getting an early start provides you with an advantage.

Do you want to let your child go? Ask yourself this question before you do anything else. If not, it’s time to get organized! Keep in mind that the child will only be home for the holidays the first year. Summer internships, training, and formal education will all follow. The nest will be empty even if you talk to them on the phone or via video chat. It’s not okay for your feelings to get in the way of a child’s bright future. Make some new acquaintances, go on a trip, pick up a long-forgotten pastime, or learn something new. You’ve got the opportunity now.

These children are a part of who we are as a group. They were taken care of by us. Our connection will only deepen and get stronger over time.
Finally, have faith in your child, and have confidence in your upbringing above all else!

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