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Accommodation costs in the Canada

As a student in Canada, you’ll have access to world-class education, cross-cultural experiences, and a globally recognized degree, making it a worthwhile investment. When applying to universities and colleges in Canada, overseas students need to prepare ahead and make a financial commitment. Students from outside Canada must pay for their education and living expenses in Canada. Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) demands confirmation of financial resources. The immigration officer will rely on the cost of the living estimate provided by your college. If your college doesn’t offer it, you’ll have to provide proof of $10,000 in living expenditures in Canada over a year as a student without it. The spouse will need $4,000, and each dependent will need $3,000 in additional funds. This money covers everything from lodging to food to medical insurance to transportation to books and clothing. This price does not include any tuition or other costs. Students in Canada must have medical and hospital insurance due to the high cost of healthcare. There is no federal oversight of provincial public health insurance programs. Some colleges and universities mandate insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment. Ideally, you’ll have insurance in place within the first week of your arrival. The cost of living differs for every student for a variety of reasons. They’re all here, in alphabetical order.

Big city life vs. Suburban areas

Many students prefer to live on campus, even if it may not always be the cheapest option. Generally speaking, the cost of living in cities is higher than in the suburbs. Living costs are higher in Toronto and Vancouver due to a scarcity of housing.

Based on Educational Institutions

Each college provides estimated fees and living costs in Canada. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of living, you will need to know where the university you are interested in attending is located and the city where it is located. Certain institutions offer decent and economical on-campus boarding. Others charge far more for the same service.You may use this table to get a sense of how much it will cost you monthly and yearly.

University Residence 727 £ 515 £
Private Housing 848 £ 505 £
Utility Bills 45 £ 40 £
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