Post-study jobs and migration are still significant draws.

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Post-study jobs and migration Update

According to new research, international students choose study destinations that offer on-campus instruction, post-study career opportunities, and migration pathways. This makes online-only study options less enticing to international students.

The New Horizons research conducted by IDP Connect found that 81% of students are only considering on-campus options in other countries. With 18% saying they would be comfortable starting their studies online as long as there was a path to on-campus learning as soon as possible.

Only 9% of those polled said they’d be open to doing all of their schoolings online, which is in line with previous research showing that 69% of students believe online courses don’t provide them with the “international exposure” they hoped for.

Value & Outcomes

Students want to gain an international qualification because of the numerous cultural and educational advantages that come with it, according to CEO Simon Emmett of IDP Connect. Instead of knowing what they will learn from an experience, students want to know precisely what they will gain from it. People will gravitate toward countries or institutions that make it easy to find work or migrate as the world continues to recover from the pandemic. Sixty-six percent of those polled said they were only interested in learning about study abroad opportunities that would allow them to attend a prestigious university.

Only 35% of those surveyed believed that working after graduation was a crucial factor. More than two-thirds (66 percent) chose education overwork because of the possibility of using their degree as a stepping stone to another country. Affordability of tuition and living expenses and the ability to work part-time while studying were all mentioned as additional motivators by IDP.

There are critical skills shortages in Australia, particularly in technology and technical fields, as Emmett noted. As a result, “these employment pathways are also an important opportunity for Australia,” as he put it. Approximately 1,550,000 respondents, primarily from India and the Philippines, answered questions about their lives and attitudes toward various topics.

A survey of traditional study destinations was conducted between August 27 and September 10 and found that 39% of respondents chose Canada as their top choice. The United States and the United Kingdom were both mentioned by 17% of respondents, with 16% citing Australia as their top pick. New Zealand was selected by 40% of voters, while Ireland was chosen by 11%. Another 7% of those polled had ideas for new vacation destinations.

At one time, IDP claimed that the United Kingdom and Canada’s clarification of vaccine policies for international students “factored into [students’] decisions on preferred locations.” As previously stated, Students from China, despite making up a relatively small percentage of those surveyed, prioritize safety over students from India and other important markets, as previously reported by the International Development Policy Institute. IDP found that only the United Kingdom (48 percent) and Canada were considered more likely destinations for respondents than Australia (46 percent) (69 percent).

Bring international students back to campus

“The international education sector can deliver a win-win for students, institutions, and the nation,” Emmett suggested that Australia can prioritize employment pathways that address skill and industry gaps. The “real risk,” according to him, is that the United States will be viewed as a less “open for business” country than, say, Australia or New Zealand.

“Australia must take immediate action and provide a strategy to get international students back for on-campus education as it prepares for a rebound,” according to the majority of respondents (71%).

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