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Summary: Students’ study abroad choices on location selections due to Covid-19 relaxing and then rearing its head above the new Omicron strain.

Singapore was the final nation to let flights from India resume a month ago before the new Covid-19 variation Omicron resurfaced. Students who want to study abroad are preparing to apply to foreign colleges while searching for new ways to protect themselves against the new strain. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada continue to be the most popular study abroad destinations for Indian students.

Students prefer the United Kingdom to Australia.

Australian students are still finding a way to study in the country, according to recent reports. This is even though numerous countries have opened their doors to Indian students.

Students who wanted to study in Australia migrated to the UK or Canada because these nations quickly approved vaccines and welcomed Indian students after the pandemic-induced lockdown. Many students didn’t want to wait another year, and we won’t wait for Australia to welcome Indian tourists.

A labor shortage has been reported in the United Kingdom after Brexit. Expertise in healthcare and logistics, and information technology has increased as a result of the epidemic.

In addition, the new Graduate Route allows students who have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the United Kingdom to return and work in the country for two years. This influences students, and many choose to study in the UK.

Many pivoting to Canada

Last year, while the US was dealing with a pandemic, many students chose to study in Canada. Students are warming up to America again as it prepares for the pandemic.

Another reason students chose Canada to study is the country’s relaxed immigration regulations. Many top-ranked Canadian universities are also less expensive than US universities. RedSeer predicts that by 2024, 1.8 million Indian students will be studying abroad. The Covid-19 outbreak has encouraged student willingness to study abroad due to easier immigration and better job opportunities.

Students want to stay closer to home.

Many students prefer to study in Dubai at American, Canadian, and UK colleges because it is so close to India, especially after last year’s difficulty returning home due to travel restrictions and lockdowns.

Students are becoming increasingly interested in studying in Singapore, which is home to several well-regarded academic institutions. The pandemic hasn’t ended yet, so many parents aren’t sending their kids far from home for college.

More and more people are participating in twinning initiatives.

Due to pandemic-related obstacles, more students are studying abroad. Twinning programs bring together local and foreign academic institutions. Allows students to complete part of their course in their home country before flying abroad to finish the course.

Twinning arrangements allow Indian institutions and route providers to offer undergraduate and graduate courses that align with the collaborating overseas university’s standard curriculum. Courses can be completed in your native country and then transferred. Students who study abroad might grow and learn in a new environment. The pandemic isn’t stopping Indian students from studying abroad.

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