Australia: 76% believe learning abroad improves outcomes.

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Summary: In Australia 76 percent of students believe that studying/learning abroad improves their chances of success in their careers.

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According to a recent research commissioned by the International Education Association of Australia, more Australian students want to study overseas. An Australian data research and analysis business focused on the education sector revealed that 1,800 Australian students from 26 Australian universities expressed their opinions on the importance of gaining overseas learning experiences in July 2021.

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That’s up from 66% in August 2020. It’s important for improving job chances and graduation outcomes, say the researchers. Furthermore, when comparing July 2021 to late 2020, 24 percent of students had positive feelings about their virtual abroad learning experiences.

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“Even after 18 months of travel limitations, students still show a great desire to engage in a study experience outside of Australia,” Keri Ramirez said.¬†Excursions to learn overseas will be in high demand in 2022, according to statistics.

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Also, 40% of students said they would prefer engage in an abroad learning experience after finishing their undergraduate degree than during it. This is hardly surprising given that the pandemic has compelled students to postpone their plans to study in another country. Simon Watson, the convener of the IEAA Learning Abroad Network, said, “Learning Abroad offices at universities have worked extremely hard in recent years to expand accessibility, awareness, and help.”

Students continue to prioritize study abroad, thinking it is critical to their academic performance and future job possibilities.

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In 2014, under the New Colombo Plan, the Australian government had financed undergraduate Australian domestic students to study abroad to gain valuable international experience. The program provides financial assistance to about 10,000 domestic students each year so they may participate in actual study abroad activities.

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Scholarships are still available in the field of virtual learning overseas, according to IEAA CEO Phil Honeywood. The curriculum aims to increase cultural competence and better understand the Asia-Pacific region among students in the United States. “Universities must make opportunities for meaningful study abroad available to their students.”

Australian education moves forward.

In his AIEC 2021 speech, Australian education minister Alan Tudge discussed the government’s stance on the plan as it moves forward, as reported by the Australian Education Journal.¬†Because of the epidemic, [the New Colombo Plan] has been paused, as is understandable. In any case, we’re hoping for a swift return to normalcy.”

assist students in the development

With this initiative, we expect to help tens of thousands more students in the future. IEAA Research Committee Chair Davina Potts stated, “When borders reopen, we must do everything we can to assist students in developing employment skills.”


“Colleges must offer chances for deliberate study abroad as internationalization becomes more important in Australian higher education.” The report says.

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