Want To Study Abroad? Read Why Sweden Is The Best Destination

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Intelligent Overseas Education Travel Update: Studying abroad is a dream for most students. Here are some reasons why studying and working in Sweden is preferable.

Students who want to study abroad often choose the US or the UK. Sweden is not a popular study destination for overseas students. But Sweden, also renowned as Europe’s Innovation Hub, can be a good study option for individuals who wish to study abroad from the backseat. Even if students want to study in the USA, Sweden could be examined. Read about what this country has to offer international students.

Stress-free Education

The University’s schedule is flexible and revised weekly. It is possible to have a free week after a week packed with tutorials, seminars, and lectures. Sweden also has no “Exam season.” Students are evaluated on academic tasks, projects, presentations, and a written exam throughout the semester. Universities use a grading system that is not harmful to students’ mental health. An exam can be retaken if it is failed. Students can also plan their exam schedules to fit their needs.

Sweden’s education system is less demanding and prepares students for work right in University. Students are given more group jobs and projects than individual assignments, which helps them develop cooperation, patience, and empathy skills. These are some of the most desired qualities in the employment market.

A professor-student relationship is also informal. Students should address professors by name. This allows students to ask questions of lecturers without fear. The class’s total strength is usually tiny. This will enable teachers to focus on their students. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills and engage in more creative and research-based activities. So it’s no surprise that Sweden came second in the Global Innovation Index Chart 2020. This should make foreign students reconsider studying in the UK or USA, which lag behind Sweden in terms of innovation.

Get a job immediately after graduation or while studying.

Sweden is among the few countries that allow international students to work while studying. The University requires students to spend 40 hours a week on lectures, tutorials, readings, and assignments. In Sweden, students must work 40 hours a week at University. This helps pupils keep up with their education.

Find a job?

IKEA, Spotify, Ericsson, and many more multinational companies make Sweden a great place for students to start their careers. After gaining work experience, a student can apply for jobs as soon as they graduate from University.

Non-EU/EEA students must contact the Migration Board for a 12-month extension after graduation to stay in Sweden and look for work.

Non-Swedish speaking students may have difficulty obtaining work, but it is not impossible. Students should maintain in touch with their colleagues, check the University’s notice board, and use job search engines to find a company where their native language or culture may be an asset.

Low-cost tuition and living:

Students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland having permanent residency in Sweden are exempt. The rest varies by University and program, but the average annual tuition is 9,523 USD. Similarly, rent charges vary based on where you live and how big your apartment is. It’s typically around $1,020. Students can also apply for scholarships.

International Student Scholarships:

Many universities, government agencies, and charities in Sweden give scholarships to international students who qualify to help them pay for their tuition and living expenses. They provide travel funds to students who wish to study in their country.

Inspiring student life 

What could be more thrilling than meeting students from all over the world who share the same interest and learning from one another? Students who enjoy hiking can do so freely in Sweden, which has several hiking-friendly areas. Hiking and camping are lawful in Sweden if you follow a few simple regulations. This occurs when one joins a student union, goes out on weekends, or joins a sports group. All of this helps a student relax and decompress from academics.

Warm and Inclusionary Swedish Culture:

Most countries, like Canada and Germany, are open and accommodating. The Swedish Culture is one of the main reasons why students choose Sweden. Sweden’s culture values freedom, equality, openness, cooperation, and sustainability. Universities and workplaces have no idea of hierarchy. These spaces only have one value: Egalitarianism. Students who despise the educational hierarchy can consider studying in Sweden.

Sweden is also one of the world’s most LGBTQ-friendly countries. Easy to obtain Student Visas and Residence Permits. Students from the EU/EEA do not need a visa or residence permit.

Wasting time? Sweden should be on top of any student’s choice to seek an excellent education and living experience without missing a home. What could be more rewarding than viewing the Northern Lights, trekking, and being part of a welcoming and accepting culture? It’s time. Find a list of programs in Sweden that interest you. Visit the University’s official website for more information before applying.

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