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Intelligent Overseas Education A Vaccine for Your Dream University Update: Students from India who seek to study abroad were among the most severely affected by the virus, with international crossings being closed and flights being disrupted as a result. The covid-19 limits have forced many potential students to reschedule or even reevaluate their university and country choices. Although the standards are constantly updating, Covishield seems to be the only Indian vaccination that has been certified by the World Health Organization for overseas travel. In addition, a COVID-19 negative certification from a test done 72 hours before arrival is required in all countries.

In the following five study-abroad destinations, we provide an update on the most recent guidelines:


The United States has imposed several travel restrictions on India. However, students who get an academic session due on August 1 are immune from the limits. If you do have a valid M-1 or F-1 visa, you will be able to travel to the United States; however, you will only be able to arrive 30 days before the start of your academic program, not earlier. The COVID-19 immunization is not required upon entry into the United States. Because there are now only a few flights each week between India and the United States, Air India will be adding more flights in August to accommodate demand.

The UK |

The United Kingdom, which had previously placed India on the red list, will now shift it to the amber list on August 8. This means that Indian students can travel to the United Kingdom if they meet the following requirements: Before you fly, you should arrange and pay for COVID-19 tests that will be administered upon your arrival in the United Kingdom. At the time of entry, there is a 10-day required quarantine at the residence. Because the United Kingdom is not on the list of EU nations that have recognized the Covishield vaccine, being immunized will not exempt you from quarantine in that country. Additionally, students who begin their course later this year or early next year will be eligible to apply for the new post-study work visa program. To qualify, they must be in the United Kingdom by April 6, 2022, on a student visa.

Canada |

Fully vaccinated Indian students who meet all of the government’s requirements are free from going through mandatory quarantine when they arrive in Canada. On the other hand, Canada would not allow direct flights from India until August 21 since the results of the COVID-19 testing conducted in India have not yet been accepted by the country. As a result, pupils must have a COVID-19 test performed in a transit country before coming to Canada to be eligible. A negative COVID-19 test result from that country would also be required if you were to stay in one of these stopover countries for a total of 14 days. Mexico, Belgrade, and Armenia are just a few of the favorite layover destinations for Indian university students. As a result of the pandemic and the accompanying cancellation of direct flights to Canada, there is a significant backlog of about 3 to 3.5 lakh student applications from India, which is expected to grow in the coming months.

Germany |

Germany is one of the countries in the European Union that has accepted the Covishield system. On the other hand, your immunization certificate must include either your passport number or your date of birth. The Aadhar number does not suffice in this case. After receiving the last vaccine dosage, it must have been at least 14 days since the last dose was administered. The German government requires that travelers from India register on the website before entering the country, although flights between India and Germany are already available.

Australia |

The Australian government-imposed travel restrictions on everyone save its own nationals. To prepare for the return of overseas students to Australia, the government is collaborating closely with both the states and territories and educational institutions and other stakeholders.

Students should not give up hope because the regulations are changing in their favor, and countries are steadily loosening their restrictions, although the situation appears bleak in general. Universities worldwide are likewise attempting to re-establish classroom teaching and grant admission to overseas students, so best of luck!

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