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Studying in the UK is expensive, with some of the world’s highest tuition fees and living costs. Unlike most popular study destinations, you have many options to make your education in British universities a breeze. The UK has a well-developed and easily accessible student loan system and many scholarship schemes.
Moreover, like most top international study destinations, the UK allows international students to work part-time. You can work up to 20 hours per week during the school year and full-time during the holidays as an international student in the United Kingdom. But there are many restrictions and conditions to work.
Here is a breakdown of how working in the UK while studying looks like:


Two factors limit your ability to work in the United Kingdom while studying: your university and state-run official institutions. First, make sure your university doesn’t restrict your work before dealing with state officials. Aside from governmental restrictions, your university may limit your working hours based on your study course.
International students in the UK can easily find part-time work, especially in London. Some universities only allow you to work on campus, but don’t worry, there are still plenty of options available. But, before you go looking for part-time work, make sure you qualify. It all starts with your Tier 4 student visa. The first thing to check is your age. Anyone under 16 without a Tier 4 (General 4) cannot work in the UK. Note that these restrictions only apply to students from a country, not from the EU/EEA or Switzerland. EU/EEA nationals, including Swiss nationals, can work in the UK while studying.
In term-time, the number of hours you can work per week is printed on your Tier 4 sticker (vignette). When you get your residence permit, you’ll get a letter explaining whether or not you can work while studying.

You can work in the UK if your letter says one of the following:

  • Any work done must be authorized.
  • Be able to work with the Secretary of State’s blessing.
  • Confined as Tier 4 regulation
  • Working only part-time while in school and full-time during the holidays
  • reduced hours
  • You can only work 20 hours a week during the semester.
  • If you work over 10 hours a week during the term, it must be capped at that level.

However, if none of the following are mentioned on your passport, you can work.

  • There is no work.
  • Work is not permitted.

Then contact them directly before applying for a job. Changes in study level or course may necessitate a new application for immigration. You must maintain your old immigration status until you receive a response to your new application.

How many hours per week are you allowed?

The number of hours you can work in the UK depends on the type of job you have. According to the course, you can work up to a maximum of 8 hours per week.

Students can work up to 20 hours per week on these courses.

A full-time degree-level or higher course in an accredited higher education institution. A temporary student enrolled in a foreign university’s program in the UK.

Students are only allowed to work 10 hours per week in the following classes.

  • The course is sponsored by a recognized body or a publicly funded higher education institution.
  • This visa is for students under the age of 16 who are studying.

Students in these courses cannot work while studying in the UK.

  • A recognized higher education institution in the UK with public funding that offers part-time postgraduate courses or higher must fulfill obligations to treat students fairly and appropriately in accordance with UK law.
  • at any level
  • in any private institution’s course
  • A Tier 4 (Child) visa student under the age of 16 must take part in any educational program.

In the UK, your working hours are restricted depending on your course and your Tier 4 sponsor. Full-time students can work up to 20 hours per week, paid or unpaid. A week has a legal definition, so you can’t average it over time. A week is defined as seven days between Monday and Sunday.

Jobs you can’t do

After ensuring your work permit in the UK, you’ll need to consider your work preferences. You can’t work while studying in the UK. Some of them (paid or unpaid) you can’t do with a Tier 4 visa:

  • A working freelance is an excellent option if you like to be self-employed.
  • Get the ball rolling on a project.
  • permanent full-time position
  • sportspeople, such as athletes and their coaches
  • act as a performer
  • Except you’re in a foundation program, train to be a dentist or doctor.

What jobs are available for students in the UK?

In general, student visas in the UK are designed to allow you to study freely. Despite being designed to only allow you to attend university, a student visa can be used for other purposes. Note: The extent to which you can work is made for your professional gain or to supplement your budget. In other words, the government wants to make sure you don’t lose track of your studies.
If your course requires a work placement, set a time limit for it. Currently, if you are taking such a course, you can work for less than 33% of the time.

  • Your course is at RFQ 6 or SCQF 9 and is offered by a recognized university. You can work up to 50% of your study time.
  • Your course is RFQ 6 or SCQF level and part of a study abroad program. You can work up to 50% of your study time.
  • Age 16 or older (Tier 4 (Child)). You can work up to 50% of your study time.
  • You can exceed this limit as part of your study course.

With no prior knowledge of the labor market, it can be difficult to determine what jobs you can legally perform. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities, but not knowing about them may limit your choices.
Many students fear they lack the skills required to find work as students. Most student jobs do not require specific qualifications or skills, so this is incorrect. Moreover, no matter how difficult the task is to perform as a student, you will always be assisted by an experienced worker.

And what about jobs you can get while studying in the UK? You can find a long list of student jobs in the UK below.

    • Student Support officer
    • Sales assistant
    • Pharmacy Delivery Driver
    • Pizza Delivery Driver
    • Veterinary care assistant
    • Personal Assistant
    • Physiotherapy assistant
    • Admission Officer
    • Sports Facilities Worker
    • Gardener
    • Customer Assistant
    • Freelance translator
    • Waitress
    • Receptionist
    • Facilities Assistant
    • Residence Guider
    • Promotional worker
    • Enrollment advisor
    • Finance Assistant
    • Social Media Assistant
    • Newspaper distributor
      • Photographer
      • Personal Tutor
      • Ice Cream Scooper
      • Host at a Restaurant
      • Smoothie Maker
      • Bartender
      • Cashier
      • Blogger
      • Graphic designer
      • Software Developer Intern
      • Bookseller
      • Tour Guide
      • Research Assistant
      • Waitress at the university cafeteria
      • Pet caretaker
      • House Cleaner
      • Babysitter
      • Brand Ambassador
      • IT assistant
      • Security guard
      • Fitness instructor
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