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Living costs for international students in the UK.

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Bravo! You’ve chosen one of the most popular study destinations for international students: the UK. You’ve been asking yourself, “How much money do I need to live in the UK?”
This is why we don’t want our international students to arrive in the UK worried about their living expenses. So we’ve put together this guide to show you how much it costs to live in the UK. Let’s look at your monthly budget while you’re there Our guide is broken down into six sections.

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Connectivity
  • Miscellaneous

Accommodation costs in the UK.

The cost of student accommodation in the UK varies. The cost may also vary depending on where you study. London, as the capital, is more expensive.

Average Monthly Costs London Other Cities
University Residence 727 £ 515 £
Private Housing 848 £ 505 £
Utility Bills 45 £ 40 £

Options for UK accommodation

Living in private flats or shared housing is another option for international students in the UK. On-campus living is available at most UK universities. These residence halls are within walking distance of the campus, saving money on transportation. Roommates or private rooms with en-suite bathrooms are both options available. On-campus living also saves money on food and utility bills. This eliminates the hassles of grocery shopping, cooking, and paying utility bills.
Private housing is best for true independence. Private rental costs in the UK vary. In most cases, the agreement for renting a flat or house extends beyond the academic year. Renting with other students is an intelligent solution. This way, you can save money while making new friends. The council tax is another issue that requires your consideration. It covers waste management and maintenance in the UK. Fortunately, students only pay a small amount in council tax. Never forget to contact your local council and request discounted rates.

The UK’s low-cost transport

Transportation costs will be your second-largest expense. The price varies depending on the city and mode of transport. You can also take buses or trains instead of walking or cycling. A railcard can help reduce the overall cost of living in the UK by saving money on public transportation. Taxis are costly, so hiring one can ruin your budget. If you are traveling between or within cities, we recommend using travel cards.

City Average Monthly Transport Costs
London 56 £
Manchester 47 £
Birmingham 45 £
Liverpool 45 £
Leeds 43 £

What is the UK food price?

The expenditure on food is a factor for students who live off-campus. To shop peacefully, get grocery store cards. Asking locals for advice is always a great idea. Get organized, make a shopping list, and shop wisely. However, cooking at home is the best way to save money. Avoid high-end items and imported foods. For example, here are some estimated rates for everyday grocery items:

Item Quantity Price
Bread One pack 0.71 £
Milk 1.13 L 0.81 £
Chicken 300 g 1.57 £
Eggs 6 1.51 £
Rice 1 kg 1.51 £
Cooking Oil 1 L 1.11 £
Water 1.5 L 0.81 £

How much do you need to spend on entertainment in the UK?

Books, tests, and exams are not the only aspects of university life. You’ll be forming a social circle and will require financial resources to enjoy your free time. As a result, we’ve included entertainment in our guide to the student cost of living in the United Kingdom. We’ve included some standard ideas and expenses in the list below, depending on where and how you’re planning to party:

Entertainment Item Price
Movie Ticket 10.12 £
Concert or Theatre Ticket 50.57 £
Restaurant Table for Two 40.46 £

How can you stay socially engaged in the UK for a reasonable price?

The need to communicate with friends and family while studying abroad is greater than ever. In addition, international students must budget for a SIM card with a call and data package and Wi-Fi and television fees because of the increased demand for social media. Examine the least expensive mobile service providers and discount packages. Before purchasing a Wi-Fi connection, compare the prices. Let’s look at some basic costs for a better understanding:


Connectivity Average Monthly Cost
Pre-paid SIM package 10.12 £
TV License 156.25 £
TV + Wi-Fi package 50.54 £
Call Costs 0.15-0.46 £
Netflix 8.10 £

How much is enough for miscellaneous expenses?

Even if you strictly adhere to a budget, you’ll be surprised at how much money you’ll spend on “extras.” During your time in the UK, you will almost certainly purchase new clothing and household items. As a result, these non-essential items should be factored into the student living costs in the United Kingdom. When planning your budget, keep the following prices in mind:


Miscellaneous Items One-Off Cost
Clothes 30.34 £
Household Items 30.34 £
Toiletries 20.23 £
Stationery 20.23 £
Insurance 50.57 £

Now take a pen, paper, and calculator and make a monthly budget plan. Having a rough idea of the cost of living in the UK will start making your educational experience in a different nation even more enjoyable!

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