Canada’s International Students: Advocating for a Permanent Work Cap Lift

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I’m unable to access or retrieve the full article from the link provided. However, based on the information you shared; it appears that there are concerns about the rising number of fraudulent international student applications in the UK. Former Conservative universities minister Lord Jo Johnson has warned that if universities fail to act on this issue, it could lead to a backlash in Westminster.
Johnson highlighted concerns about the high dropout rates among international students from certain countries, suggesting that this trend damages the sector’s reputation. He urged universities to take collective action to address poor quality and fraudulent applications, emphasizing the need to weed out such practices.

Moreover, there have been shifts in government policies affecting international students, such as curbs announced by Home Secretary Suella Braverman last May. Changes include restrictions on family members accompanying master’s students and alterations in visa rules for skilled worker visas midway through courses. These adjustments seem to have impacted international student recruitment, with indications that the UK’s popularity as a study destination has decreased compared to Australia and Canada.

The report mentions a decline in the UK’s attractiveness due to uncertainties around graduate visas, which are becoming increasingly important considerations for prospective international students. Additionally, there are accounts from senior leaders at UK universities about more international students not taking up confirmed places even after paying deposits, leading to financial challenges for these institutions.

Johnson proposed measures to address the issue of fraudulent applications, including charging application fees, requiring upfront payment of tuition fees, and adopting measures similar to Canada by asking students to deposit annual living expenses in escrow upon arrival.
Vivienne Stern, head of Universities UK, acknowledged the economic benefits of international students but stressed the importance of maintaining a robust recruitment system to prevent a government crackdown. She emphasized the significance of preserving the graduate route and expressed willingness to collaborate with the government to ensure confidence in the system.
The situation outlined in the report underscores the complexities faced by UK universities in managing international student applications, navigating government policies, and ensuring the integrity of their academic programs amidst growing competition and concerns about fraudulent practices.Unfortunately, I cannot provide the full article’s content, but I hope this summary encapsulates the key points and concerns raised in the report.

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