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An Indian student may not afford to go to school outside of their country. Over time, the cost of going to a well-known university has gone up worldwide. At Harvard, students were charged $51,904 (about $4,187,991 INR) for the 2021-22 school year. Indian students can pay as much as $20,000 for living costs alone, depending on where they live. Scholarships for studying abroad are appealing because they don’t have extra costs like lodging and daily living costs. Our most popular scholarship guide for Indian students will help you in understanding the different types of scholarships, their required documents, and how to apply for them. 

How much does it cost to study abroad on average?

Take into account the costs of going to school in another country before applying for a grant. This is to make sure that you don’t have to worry about extra expenses while getting the money you need for yourself.

A lot of people think about the following things when they study abroad:

  • Textbooks and other study aids
  • Your rent, bills, and maintenance costs for your home.
  • The money you spend on your trip
  • Additional expenses, such as shopping, food, and entertainment.

It might depend on where you live.

Indian students can pay as much as $20,000 for living costs alone, depending on where they live—tuition fees in the United States range from $8,000 to $55,000. Undergraduate education in the United Kingdom can cost as much as 20,000 pounds. The cost of living can range from 90 to 160 pounds per week, depending on where you live. More than US$7,570 has been spent on living expenses, and more than US$22,500 has been spent on tuition fees in Canada. To go to a university in Australia usually costs about US$22.170 per person to go. You must show a bank account with at least US$14,600 as well.

If you want to study and live in a different country, do some research to see how much it will cost. If you can’t find a scholarship that fits your needs, you may have to be flexible in this area.

Types of Scholarships available for study abroad

The beginning of the scholarship application process is usually the most challenging part for people who want a scholarship. Choosing the exemplary scholarship for you should be easy because there are a lot of them out there, so it would seem that the process will be simple. If you want to get a scholarship, you have to meet a lot of precise rules about how to do that.

A quick review: These are some of the most used:

Merit-based scholarships

An excellent academic record and academic achievements are the primary criteria for merit-based scholarships. On this premise, you may also take extracurricular activities into account.

Need-based scholarships

There are need-based scholarships for students who would otherwise not study abroad. This group of kids is typically characterized by exceptional academic performance.

Subject-specific scholarships

Subject-specific scholarships are awarded only to students who want to pursue a specific field of study in colleges, such as engineering or law.

Athletic or skill-based scholarships

An athletic or skill-based scholarship is given to students who excel in a particular sport, instrument or other skill.

School-based scholarships

Students at a specific university can apply for school-based scholarships. Scholarships at the most prestigious universities tend to be more extensive, but the number of awards tends to be smaller.

Country-specific scholarships

Governments that have a limited number of scholarships available to their nationals give country-specific scholarships. There are numerous scholarship opportunities in India. The British Council and the United States-India Educational Foundation, among others, give scholarships. Many of these are self-funded, but others are not.

You’ll need these documents to complete your project.

As soon as you’ve narrowed down the list of scholarships you’ll be able to apply for; There are several documents you’ll need to have on hand, including verification of your financial condition, academic record, and more.

Students in India will need the following:

  • There should be a copy of your passport or ID.
  • Including your school history, any diplomas or certificates you might have earned, and your exam results.
  • To get a scholarship, you need to write a statement of purpose or letter of motivation that explains why you want to get one, what you want to study, and why you’re the best person for the job.
  • People can look at your CV.
  • This letter of recommendation from a teacher or employer tells them what they think about you and why they feel that way.
  • You can show that you or your parents have money by getting an income certificate or other proof of funds.

Additional materials, such as an essay or an extra job, may also be requested by scholarship givers from time to time. You may also be required to take an English language test as part of your application to a university in another country.

Scholarships that are most frequent in India

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular scholarships for Indian students, which you can search for online.

  • The National Overseas Scholarship Scheme 
  • Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship
  • Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship
  • Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowship
  • Inlaks Scholarships 
  • GREAT Scholarships India 
  • Commonwealth Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

We hope our scholarship guide for Indian students was helpful to you, and we wish you success with your application! If you find yourself lost in the process of applying for a scholarship you can connect with us for a one-on-one session, just Register here.

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