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International Scholars travelling from India have vaccination as their must-have criterion to study on-campus. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) approved vaccines are only admissible, excluding those inoculated by Covaxin.

Indian Scholars will soon start planning their visit to international study destinations, with the fall intake of the 2021 academy year set to commence from August onwards.

Due to the New COVID-19 Virus Alternatives, Europe and Australia adopt a cautious approach towards allowing international Scholars.

Indian Students Travel Restrictions

Vaccination may be a must-have criterion for international scholars to study on-campuses. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) sanctioned vaccines are mandatory, which means that scholars inoculated with Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin might not be permitted entry.

Apart from this, a slew of regulations formed across countries for the entry of international Scholars. Intelligent Overseas Education is here to deliver you the rules for International Scholars to travel from India to key destinations:

Travel to Canada from India

Like the US, on a case-to-case basis, will offer Canadian Scholars visas to Indians. In addition, inoculation from the WHO-approved vaccine list may be mandatory to study in Canada for International Students.

However, once the visa interview slots opened on Flag Day, there was a sudden rush for bookings, leading to technical glitches.

“It is presumably going to get back to normal by July since the pressure will go down. After that, however, Scholars inoculated with Covaxin won’t be considered eligible to study in Canada,” said Romesh Parekh, founding father of HighEd Abroad Consulting.

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Travel to United Kingdom (UK) from India

While a blanket vaccination requirement has not been made compulsory for entering the United Kingdom (UK), Scholars with a legitimate visa can travel to the United Kingdom (UK) from India to study in the United Kingdom (UK) on-campus, often after an easing of lockdown in their country.

However, since India is among the countries on the “red list” on the United Kingdom (UK) travel restrictions due to many COVID-19 cases, Scholars will need to quarantine for ten days to monitor their health during this era as a part of quarantine rule in the United Kingdom (UK). Scholars also can register with the on-campus vaccination facilities available across the region. 

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Travel to France from India

France features a set of “Green countries” where cases of COVID-19 are low. Therefore, these individuals can enter the country with no restrictions to study in France. India, however, doesn’t figure on this list. Hence, it wouldn’t be an automatic approval process if a Scholars qualifies for a better education programme.

A case-to-case basis approval will commence as a part of France travel restriction process. Scholars must fully inoculate with WHO-approved vaccines to travel to France. And travel will be permitted only after a fortnight of the double dose. 

Scholars who have caught COVID-19 within the past 14 days before the visa application hold a 4-6 week waiting duration before being acknowledged for travel as a part of the France quarantine process.

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Travel to the United States (US) from India

Current United States (US) travel restriction implies that Institutes across the US can allow international Scholars entry to on-campus programmes from the fall intake onwards. Vaccination is going to be a required mandate to study in the United States(US).

For the broad masses, the United States (US) has restrictions on travel from India. However, the authorities have made an exception within the case of Scholars who are about to study in the United States (US), with one significant caution on a case-to-case basis entry to be provided.

From August onwards, classes are starting in Some institutions. While a 12-16 week gap between two doses of the Covishield vaccine is the set norm in India, the Ministry of Health has made an exception for international Scholars planning international travel.

Sameer Patel, a better education consultant based in Delhi, said that Scholars should apply beforehand as the ‘blanket approval’ process has not yet followed.

“Each visa form is being completely reviewed to see if an on-campus appearance is needed. Those scholars who had contracted COVID-19 within the past one to 2 months should wait 3-4 months before travel,” he added.

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Travel to Australia from India

While Australian travel restrictions for India continue, there’s a proposal to permit international Scholars from India to study in Australia with a monthly cap.

A report said that a couple of travel locations allow international students to study in Australia. International Travel to Australia is to be at a rate of 800 Scholars per month, often likely to be allowed from the last week of July 2021.

Australian universities also are firming up plans to permit Scholars entry after one vaccination dose, subject to a health check-up. By July, Formal rules will be notified on this matter.

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Travel to China from India

Close to 25,000 Indian Scholars pursuing medical courses in China have been held back in India since February 2020, when COVID-19 struck. The travel ban from India continues whilst vaccination picks up pace.

A report said that Indian Scholars who pursued study in China have written to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) seeking intervention to return to education on campuses.

Final-year medical Scholars can only get their degree once they complete 52-week internships at designated hospitals after their fifth year. So while Scholars from other regions like South Korea are back to campuses in China, Indian Scholars haven’t been permitted to travel to China from India.

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The MEA’s Request to Indian Scholars

In India, the MEA has asked Scholars to hunt for help from its Overseas India Affairs (OIA) division about difficulties they’ll encounter in reaching their universities abroad for on-campus academic programmes.

Indian Students are most welcomed to join our Study abroad Education Community to get General Updates and clear queries for keeping a step towards success.

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