Protecting International Students: Labor’s Initiative to Regulate Agent Commissions

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Australia’s international education sector has long been a significant contributor to the country’s economy, attracting students from around the world. However, in recent years, concerns about the integrity of this sector have grown. To address these concerns and protect the interests of both international students and the reputation of Australia’s education system, the Labor party has announced a series of reforms. Among these reforms is a ban on education agents receiving commissions for poaching students enrolled in other institutions. This move comes as part of a broader crackdown aimed at restoring integrity to Australia’s international education system.

The Need for Reform:

Australia’s international education sector has faced various challenges and controversies, with allegations of exploitation and misconduct. These issues have raised serious concerns about the well-being of international students and the integrity of the visa system. The Labor party, in response to these concerns, commissioned a review led by former Victoria police chief commissioner Christine Nixon. The review aimed to uncover the extent of the problems and provide recommendations for improvement.

Crucial Reforms Announced:

Ban on Agent Commissions for Poaching Students: One of the key reforms proposed by Labor is the prohibition of education agents receiving commissions for poaching students from other institutions. This step aims to eliminate incentives for agents to lure students away from their current programs, thereby ensuring that students’ educational interests are prioritized over financial gains.

Integration of Risk Indicators: The federal government has announced plans to integrate risk indicators into the international education system. This will involve better analysis of student attendance and a more robust system for identifying and addressing non-compliance among private providers.

Strengthening of Fit and Proper Provider Test: Amendments to the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 will include a stronger fit and proper provider test. This will raise the standards required for providers to gain and maintain registration, thereby enhancing the overall quality of education provided to international students.

Crackdown on Cross-Ownership: The government’s reforms also target cross-ownership of businesses between education providers and agents. Such arrangements can create conflicts of interest and undermine the integrity of the sector, so stricter regulations are being introduced to address this issue.

Greater Transparency: To reduce fraudulent activities within the system, providers will be granted access to agent performance data, including student completion rates and visa rejection rates. This transparency will enable institutions to make informed decisions when working with agents.

Monitoring and Compliance: Increasing monitoring and compliance in the international education sector is a top priority of the reforms. This will help deter unscrupulous players and ensure that international students receive the quality education they expect when choosing Australia as their study destination.


Australia’s international education sector has faced significant challenges in recent years, including allegations of exploitation and misconduct. The Labor party’s proposed reforms, including the ban on agent commissions for poaching students, represent a crucial step toward restoring integrity to the system. These measures aim to protect the interests of international students and maintain Australia’s reputation as a top destination for education. As the government continues to address these issues, it is hoped that the international education sector in Australia will become a more transparent, accountable, and secure environment for students from around the world.

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