End the Pandemic Visa Program for International Students

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The Australian government has announced that it will stop issuing visas for the Covid-era beginning in February of 2024.

According to a statement that was released by the Home Minister In February of 2024, the visa will no longer be available for any new applicants. Now that the conditions that led to the functioning of the visa is no longer present, this will offer certainty to our visa system.

Notably, in the year 2020, the epidemic Event visa, also known as subclass 408, was introduced in order to help international students who had been held in Australia because of the epidemic and to alleviate labor shortages brought on by the closure of international borders. It allowed students to stay in the country for an additional year even though their visas had already expired, and it also allowed them to travel to and from Australia multiple times.  


The Covid-ear visa, on the other hand, is going through its last stages of cancellation. Existing visa holders will be permitted to remain in the country until the expiration of their present visa, at which point they will be given the option to extend their visa for an additional six months at a cost of AUD405 (about 21,700). However, due to the fact that the visa will eventually be completely phased out, applications will no longer be accepted after February 2024.During the time of the epidemic, the pandemic Event visa played an important role in Australia’s overall visa process. During this time period, Australia received assistance from a large number of persons on temporary visas.

People currently residing in Australia who hold Pandemic Event visas have the option of either leaving the country or looking into other visa options.  According to the Australian government officials, individuals who do not qualify for another visa will be required to leave the country. 

In addition, the government has reinstituted a cap on the total number of hours that international students are permitted to work. According to the announcement that was made, beginning on July 1 they would only be allowed to work for a total of 48 hours every two weeks. Work exemptions for people holding Working Holiday Visas have also been eliminated by the government in recent years.

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