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Are you a student from India who is interested in studying in Australia? As long as Australia’s borders remain closed, there is reason to believe that overseas students will enter the country in the future. There are a considerable number of Indian students studying in Australia. As soon as you’re ready to get started, you should begin the process of applying for an Australian study visa.

Additionally, Australia has authorized the Covishield AstraZeneca vaccine, which the Serum Institute of India manufactures. An earlier article in The Sydney Morning Herald said that around 17,000 Indian overseas students are eager to return or study in Australia. Before proceeding, let us show you data on Indian students who are willing to study in Australia from 2017 to 2021.

As you see, the data enrollment for studying Australia has been increasing more, and with restrictions lifted from December 15th, the numbers will increase further! Excited? If you’re applying for a visa to study in Australia, check out this guide:

What kind of visa should I apply for in Australia?

Student visas in the Subclass-500 category are for those coming to Australia to pursue a full-time degree program. In this way, they may stay in the country while pursuing their education. They’ll be able to:

  • In Australia, enroll in an appropriate course of study.
  • In and out of the country
  • Once the course begins, students must put in up to 40 hours each week.
  • You might work additional hours in specialized industries.

What do I need to apply for a student visa in Australia?

If you’re applying for an Australian student visa, these are the papers you’ll need:

  • Documents that prove who you are.
  • Enrolling confirmation includes letters of recommendation and acceptance.
  • Evidence of adequate finances to support your stay
  • Proof that you are not required to pay the visa application fee (VAC)
  • Student Health Insurance for International Students
  • Authentic paperwork for those wishing to enter temporarily
  • Requirements for fluency in English

There are a few things to keep in mind while translating non-English documents:

What is the procedure for obtaining an Australian student visa?

Many actions are required before you can apply for a student visa. You’d need to do the following to submit an online application:

  • Create an ImmiAccount if you don’t already have one, or sign in if you do.
  • Assemble files here.
  • You must pay the visa application fee.

The cost of the Subclass-500 visa is 630 Australian dollars. Please remember that this includes additional health checks, police certificates, or biometrics.

What happens once I apply for an Australian student visa?

After you’ve completed all necessary tasks, all that remains is to wait. However, some candidates might be asked to give biometric information. Most candidates will be notified shortly upon application if more information is required. You will get a mail, and you will also show this request in your ImmiAccount. You will have 14 days to produce biometrics; therefore, you must schedule an appointment promptly per the request letter’s instructions.

If you did not have any health exams before applying, you should see ImmiAccount establish if you need them. After that, you may relax and wait for your visa to be processed. They will notify you in writing of the outcome of your visa application. They will inform you that:

  • Your visa authorization number
  • The day on which your visa will expire
  • Your visa requirements

You may connect with us to get further details about your visa application or complete the process hassle-free. We hope our information on how to get an Australian study visa was helpful and that you enjoy your time in Australia studying.

Now we have explained the process we at Intelligent Overseas Education Consultant Chennai would like to conclude with another data on top 5 courses Indian Students chose when studying Australia.

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