How to Choose a Study Abroad Consultancy?

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Overseas Education Consultants are becoming more important in the field, so more and more students, families, and universities are turning to them. Check the following when choosing an education Study Abroad Consultants:

1. How long have they been working as consultants for international education?

2. How much experience do they have in your country of choice?

3. Do they have a good selection of universities and colleges with a wide range of courses to give you enough options?

4. Do they have a contract with the university you want to go to?

5. Has the advisor or consultant been to the country where you want to study?

6. Do they have an in-depth understanding of the country’s higher education system?

7. Have they paid attention to you and your needs with eagerness and interest?

8. Have they explained why and how much money you will need for your chosen course if your budget for studying abroad is limited?

9. Do they know the university’s entry requirements, course length, fees, intakes, scholarships, and admission criteria?

10. Have they informed you of the duration of the procedure?

11. Have they given you a complete list of the documents you’ll need for admission and visa applications?

12. How quickly do they answer your questions, and how clear are their answers?

13. If they have a well-staffed office in a good location that is easy to find and easy to get to?

14. Do they have a website with clear information about the services and institutions that work with them?

15. Do they answer your emails and questions through the official emails of the company?

16. What kind of feedback does the agent get from students who have used their services before?

17. Check to see how good their social media presence is and what kind of services and deals they are offering in their campaigns.

A good education agent can make the whole process of studying abroad very pleasant and satisfying, from the beginning to the end. It would be nice to be able to pick a good one from the many that are around you.

Keep this as a checklist if you are looking for study abroad consultancy. Ask away all the doubts you have in mind!

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